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Over the last decade, Laalzari has worked for Indian crafts to sustain and craftsmen to earn. Designer work by the label started with a singular determination to preserve tradition and keep it relevant to both the community and the consumer. Rooted in tradition and the deep-seated Indian fashion landscape, the label has consistently worked to modernize the craft while retaining its authenticity subtly. A never-before-seen ivory thread works ethnic Kurtis sequenced with pearls and sequins today puts our craftsmanship at the wide center stage. India’s most defining craft of Banarasi threadwork was embraced by the brand in its collections where the label combined this craft with Gujarati and Rajasthani threadworks and modern designs such as tartans, stripes, and organza that gave a completely new edge to this refined craft.
In our collections, we try new experiments with embroideries, zardozi, and fabrics. In all our collections, we are shining light on the very canvas of our creation, a work of art in itself. Our collections draw from the colors, philosophies, and cultures of India to create a unique outfit that transcends moments to become memories for you.

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About Our Leather
 Designer Dresses


Laalzari brings the best handcrafted ethnic wear from and around the Indian subcontinent that are meticulously curated by our designers. Our premium quality ethnic wear of fine woven fabrics, colors, and designs are our brand's arsenal. Our extensive range of traditional and contemporary designs carries the essence of the past and the vogue of the present. Laalzari gives Indian ethnic wear its new meaning by closely working with the Indian Karigars and bringing Indian embroidery and weaves to the forefront. At Laalzari we promise quality and comfort without compromising on its character of aesthetic. With an array of traditional weaves; every hue from the color wheel, and contemporary prints to age-old techniques we bring it all to our client community. Laalzari is your one-stop shop for all fashionable ethnic clothing. We encompass all your celebratory needs, from designer suit sets for Diwali night parties to luxury designer clothing for your dream wedding, we design for all your occasions.


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Indirapuram habitat center B-128 ground floor.

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