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In honor of the embroidery known as Gota Patti

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Indian culture and rituals are inextricably linked to gold as a hue, an element, and a symbol. Additionally, it extends beyond jewelry and priceless items. One of the most notable and beautiful uses of gold as an ornament is in the age-old craft of Gota Patti embroidery.

Gota Patti is an embellished technique that includes arranging ribbon strips in intricate patterns to create luxury and grandeur on cloth. Historically, nobility favored this skill, but since Zari has supplanted gold as the preferred material, it has grown in popularity and value.

This time-honored and distinctive hereditary process has been refined at Laalzari. We are inspired by the colorful past of Gota Patti and modify it to speak to modern female tastes. We frequently return to the distinctive "leaf" motif used in the workmanship in various incarnations throughout collections. This isn't just a homage to the past; it's also a deliberate attempt to show that gota is a talent that can evolve and change with the times. as a talent that creates opportunity for future generations of artisans and guarantees the survival of the trade itself.

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