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8 Tips To Look Taller In Lehenga

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Every lady secretly wants to feel beautiful from the inside out, dressed in a lovely lehenga with the jewellery and makeup game on point. We are aware that it is difficult if your height is on the opposite side of 5'3". Many of you beautiful females with small statures are curious about how to appear taller in the lehenga of your dreams. Your prayers have, apparently, been heard. The greatest styling advice for making yourself seem tall in a lehenga is provided to you in this blog! The advice provided here is simple to implement and has a big impact.

1. Wear the lehenga from around the navel

To create an illusion of height, you must wear a low-waist lehenga or drape it around your navel. The idea is to keep the midriff bare and have a gap of around 3-4 inches between the blouse and the lehenga. Steer clear from wearing high-waist lehengas as they further make you look shorter.

2. Opt for a lehenga with delicate embroidery

Avoid wearing lehengas with large embroidered motifs, noticeable patches, or even large patterns. Larger embroidery dispersed throughout the lehenga will overwhelm and make you appear shorter. So it is advised to wear lehengas that are covered with delicate but striking embroidery.

3. Neatly place the dupatta on one side

Ensure that the dupatta is slung over one shoulder like a sari pallu. This gives you a taller appearance by forming lengthy vertical lines around your torso. On the other hand, you must absolutely avoid draping it like a shawl since it would make you look even shorter.

4. Choose lighter fabrics

To seem taller, obtain your clothing in a lighter material, such as georgettes and chiffon. While ladies with small statures benefit greatly from the breeziness of light textiles, heavy fabrics are rigid.

5. High necks are a strict NO!

Select a neckline with a deep V-neck to lengthen your upper body. Your neck seems shorter with bandhgala and high neck fashions. You must thus stay away from them and choose a deep-V or U-shape instead.

6. Avoid a lehenga with a thick waistband

Make sure there isn't a big band around the waist of your lehenga. Purchase a lehenga with a narrow waistline or one without a top border.

7. Clad yourself in a monotoned lehenga

Keep in mind the golden rule: Wearing one color from head to toe creates the appearance of height, whereas color blocking makes a short person look chubby.

8. Style the jewels cleverly

Your jewelry completes your appearance, therefore if you want to seem taller, you must keep a few things in mind when designing it. First of all, refrain from overdoing the ornamentation. When wearing large earrings, keep the rest of your jewelry simple. Second, wearing a lot of necklaces around your neck is not a good idea. Use a choker and a lengthy necklace, at most.

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